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Thank you for visiting The CHARMCODE COLLECTIONS!  Here’s a short tale of how all this "reimagining" came to be…


A move found me searching for something sunny to breath life into my new home.  Having just relocated to Florida from New England, I longed to swap out my crimson and "greige" interior tones for my sunshine state of mind. On a quest for bright and cheerful, from gallery to gallery I traipsed, staggered by the asking prices and often underwhelmed by the options. Why was it so complicated, and so costly, to procure some well-composed art for the home?  In relaxing my hunt, a solve began to appear... 


Almost hourly, I'm struck by the perpetual palette of color blooming brightly here in the Palm Beach area that I now call home. Every season, ever new, a rich spectrum of hues make a splash in nature, and then rather seamlessly spill into every corner of the island’s culture from the cherry striped chaises to the coral scalloped walls that trim up the beach’s edge. Thanks to this, my camera’s memory card is ever (over) populated by this rainbow of native color blinking back at me. Living along the ocean, I’m equally charmed by things nautical - particularly those alphabet flags high waving in the wind over the surf’s turquoise chop. Something about the simplicity in that alphabet’s visual interpretation has long captured my imagination.  



One, plus one, equals…
Only a few colors can be distinguished out on the ocean which is why the traditional signal flags adhere to primary reds and blues and such. But on land, why not another take I wondered? So, coupling my curiosities I crafted a signature color library from my vault of local photographs.  Next up I infused these iconic shades into the geometry of the nautical alphabet flags, punched them up Palm Beach style, and then brought these first designs to life as shiny and bright acrylic photo box prints for all to enjoy.  Gallery quality art... Solved!

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